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Artful Aussies – Tasmania, Australia

Lynette Fairbrother grew up in the rich farming district of Sassafras on the North West coast of Tasmania. She has always been involved in art and craft. Some of her many interests over the years include, Floral Art; Spinning; Leatherwork; and more.

Lynette owned and operated an Art and Craft supply store in Devonport, Tasmania for 20 years having created this very successful business from the ground up.
An integral part of the success of that business was training and demonstrating on product usage and a willingness to provide customers with valuable product knowledge.


It was during this time Lynette also began operating a teaching studio where she taught folk and decorative art. Lynette and her students of the Academy of Folk and Decorative Art made their wares available at the world renowned Tasmanian Craft Fair at Deloraine.

Lynette has been successfully selling her hand painted creations for over 18 years. She has been teaching folk and decorative for the past 21 years.
It was about 17 -19 years ago when she first saw a fabric sculpture in a shop in Melbourne and from that moment she added this craft to her ‘to-do list’.

In 2005 Lynette first attempted fabric sculpture using P.V.A glue but this initial foray into this medium went by the way side when she discovered Paverpol.
As soon as she learned of this great product she purchased a litre of it and a colour. It took Lynette about 12 months working with the product and perfecting her technique before she was happy with her frames and made her first sculpture
A few months later she attended a class with an instructor. Now she is creating these wonderful sculptures to sell, and teaching others how to make their own wonderful works of art.